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Home games are one of the biggest revenue-generating activities for our organization. Because the Dukes are a non-profit organization, run solely by volunteers, we depend upon multiple volunteers to organize and successfully manage a game day. The WorkBond Program is in place as a means of scheduling our volunteer staff and insuring that enough hands are available to complete the number of tasks at hand. A WorkBond is a non-interest bearing, one-time payment per family (not per child) that is refundable after a certain amount of volunteer activities are completed by the parents of team members.


The WorkBond is $150 and is required at the time of registration. (Add $50 for 2 or more children in the program)


The number of volunteer activities that will be assigned to your family is dependant upon the number of teams/squads that are fielded in that given season. Typically, parents are scheduled to work during 4 WorkBond activities (1 ½ hours per activity) in order to fulfill their Workbond requirement.



Typical Workbond assignments include, but are not limited to the following:

Event Set-Up

Work with Committee Chairpersons to prepare for Game Day.
Requires 3-4 volunteers per game-day

Front Gate
Man the front gate of the field, charge for admission, and stamp hands.
Requires 2 volunteer per game 
Grill burgers and hot dogs, serve food, snacks, and drinks, and man the cash register.
Requires 5-6 volunteers per game

50/50 Lottery

Circulate the stands (home and visitor side) and sell lottery tickets.  The proceeds are then divided 50% to the winner and 50% to the Dukes organization.
Requires 2 volunteer per game

Chain Gang

Work on the sidelines of the field, move the down-markers and the dial-a-down.
Requires 3 volunteers per game

Event Clean-Up

Collect garbage from through-out the field area, clean up the concession stand, and help breakdown and stow the field equipment.
Requires 3-4 volunteers per game-day



Families who perform abundant volunteer activities for the organization (i.e. Board Members, Head Coaches, and Committee Chairs) are typically exempt from Workbond activities. They are, however, required to submit the Workbond fee at the time of registration.


At the conclusion of the season, families who have completed their Workbond assignments, or who were exempt from assignments, may either request a refund of their Workbond fee or they may roll their Workbond over to the subsequent season.  


Please note that a refund of your family’s Workbond fee is also contingent upon full participation in our Annual Raffle (see below) and the return of your child’s equipment and/or uniform (in good condition, beyond reasonable wear-and-tear).



To fulfill your WorkBond game-day requirement, you need to:


If you have any questions about your Workbond assignments or ticket, please contact the Workbond Manager.


A refund needs to be requested in writing before the start of the next season. Please click here for a copy of the refund form.  You can then either forward a copy of this completed form to   or mail a hard-copy of your refund request to:


Hillsborough Dukes

P.O. Box 7061

Hillsborough NJ 08844


The opportunity to receive a refund or your Workbond fee will be forfeited if not requested by the 1st day of practice for the next new season.

  • Be on the Hillsborough High School Field at least 15 minutes prior to your assigned activity.
  • There will be an attendance schedule at the concession stand that you will need to sign.
  • Perform and complete the task as directed by the Dukes staff.
  • Once the game-day task has been completed, present your Workbond ticket to the corresponding Committee Chair or Dukes Executive Board Member so that he/she can sign your ticket as proof of accomplishment.
  • After all assigned Workbond tasks have been completed, make a copy of the completed for your records and submit your original ticket to the WorkBond Manager. The deadline for submission is December 31.   This is crucial in order to ensure that your family will get credit for the year and in order to be eligible for a refund or roll-over of your Workbond at the end of the season.